Server Rules

1| Be respectful, Help new players and GET INVOLVED

2| SL’s must use a mic, speak English and communicate with their squad and other SL’s

3| No Main Spawn Camping with vehicles or FOB (mines/infantry only)

4| No intentional friendly fire or griefing

5| No locked 1 man squad’s (except logistics)

6| Vehicles are claimed on a first come first served basis (eg. Armour/Heli)

7| Whoever was waiting in main base first for a vehicle to respawn (after staging phase) has priority

8| All vehicles requiring Crewman kit must be 2-manned at all times (unless RTB)

9| Do not steal other squads vehicles (without vehicles SL permission)

10| No toxic or confrontational behaviour

1| Only fight over the middle objective(s) (DO NOT PUSH PAST THE MIDDLE OBJECTIVE)

2| No FOB/HAB hunting

3| FOB/HABs can only be built on the flags before middle objective(s)

Seeding Rules

4| Seeding rules apply until the server is 20 vs 20 and "Server live" broadcast has been made by admins

Contact a Full Metal Team Member in our discord server ( and message the FM Supportbot to report breaches of the rules, ban appeals and any queries, questions and/or suggestions you may have.

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